Teacher Training Programme (TTP)

    • The New Guide to Dakini Land

The purpose of the Teacher Training Programme is to provide an extensive presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism, and to train as qualified New Kadampa Tradition Teachers.


Teacher Training Programme:

Deeper Study

We will be studying The New Guide To Dakini Land on this programme.


Time & Cost

Please  who will pass them on to the TTP Coordinator. The TTP Coordinator will then contact you to discuss the requirements and timings of the sessions and the suggested monthly donation for this programme. 

Scheduled Dates

  • Fri 21st June
  • Sat 22nd June
  • Fri 28th June
  • Sat 29th June
  • Fri 5th July
  • Sat 6th July
  • Fri 12th July
  • Sat 13th July
  • Fri 19th July
  • Sat 20th July
  • Fri 16th August
  • Sat 17th August
  • Fri 23rd August
  • Sat 24th August
  • Fri 30th August
  • Sat 31st August
  • Fri 6th September
  • Sat 7th September
This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Sherab

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Gen Sherab has been our dedicated and inspiring Resident Teacher since 2004

[More about Gen Sherab]