Wishfulfilling Jewel


You can watch this even by live stream or a limited number of people can attend in person.


Scheduled Dates

11:30am Saturday 29th August
11:30am Saturday 5th September

This prayer booklet includes two special practices revealed by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri.

    • reciting mantras

In Buddhism prayers are an important component of training in a spiritual life. They help us to still our mind, connect with enlightened beings, and receive blessings. All our prayer sessions are sung in English and are open to everyone to come along and join in, or you can just sit and listen if you wish. Prayers are an excellent way to open our heart and connect with something beyond ourself.


The Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa combined with the condensed sadhana of his Dharma Protector. 

These two practices are the very essence of the New Kadampa Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.  If we practice them regularly and sincerely, we will reap a rich harvest of pure Dharma realisations, and eventually come to experience the supreme joy of enlightenment.

This sadhana includes two practices revealed by Wisdom Buddha Manjushri through which we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings so that we can naturally accomplish all the realisations of the stages of the path and attain a very special Dharma wisdom. Secondly, we can overcome obstacles to our practice and create favourabe conditions so we can nuture and increase our Dharma realisations. 


This prayer session is based on the Prayer Books Wishfulfilling Jewel.

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