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Meditation makes our mind peaceful, and when our mind is peaceful we are happy all the time, even if our external conditions are difficult. Through this understanding we can appreciate the importance of meditation... [read more]

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Eight Steps to Happiness

An in-depth and practical explanation of one of Buddhism's best-loved.. [more] - [buy]

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Upcoming Special Events and Retreats

Fri 31st Jan - 2nd Feb


An empowerment is a blessing ceremony where we receive positivity, inspiration and a special connection to an enlightened being. Prior to the.. [read more] - [book now]
Fri 7th Feb - 9th Feb

Scottish Celebration

A special weekend with people from all around the north of England and Scotland to receive a blessing empowerment and teachings.   .. [read more]
Sat 15th Feb - 16th Feb

Amitayus retreat

Retreat is a time to escape from our busy modern lives, take a breather and find some real peace of mind inside. It is an opportunity to connect with.. [read more]
Sun 23rd Feb

Morning Course

Morning courses at Compassion Buddhist Centre are an opportunity to deepen our experience of meditation and Buddhist teachings so that we can lead a.. [read more]