About Our Click and Collect Shop

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Our Click and Collect Shop

We sell a range of Fair Trade, Vegetarian and Organic food. We also sell gifts, Buddhist Books and meditation CDs.

All the profits go towards the charity's main business which is teaching meditation and Buddhist Teachings for anyone in the North East.

Buddhist Meditation Shop

  • Meditation cushions and tables
  • Buddha statues, malas
  • Bamboo clothing for cool and fresh feet

Fair Trade and Suma Stock 

  • Food - chocolate, crisps, snacks
  • Ingredients - e.g. flours, nuts, seeds
  • A wide range of teas and coffee
  • Shower gel and shampoos

Gifts for Everyone

  • Children's gifts
  • Scarves and jewellery
  • Crockery
  • Decoration for your home
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    • Gifts