About Our Shop

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We are open for in person shopping and click and collect.

Current open hours: 

Monday 3-6pm
Tuesday 12-4pm
Wednesday 11-1 & 5-6pm
Thursday 10-2pm & 4-6pm
Friday 2-6pm
Saturday 2:15-6pm

Buddhist Meditation Shop

  • Meditation cushions and tables
  • Buddha statues, malas
  • Bamboo clothing for cool and fresh feet

Fair Trade and Suma Stock 

  • Food - chocolate, crisps, snacks
  • Ingredients - e.g. flours, nuts, seeds
  • A wide range of teas and coffee
  • Shower gel and shampoos

Gifts for Everyone

  • Children's gifts
  • Scarves and jewellery
  • Crockery
  • Decoration for your home
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    • Gifts