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Retreat is a time to escape from our busy modern lives, take a breather and find some real peace of mind inside. It is an opportunity to connect with the tranquility of our mind that is just below the surface. 


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Middleton Hall

NE70 7LF

For info on this class call: 0191 2843501


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A price list can be found below:

  • Double ensuite Lake Cottage
    (£500.00 Per Room)
  • Double Ensuite Room
    (£500.00 Per Room)
  • Twin Ensuite Room
    (£500.00 Per Room)
  • Single ensuite
    (£400.00 Per Person)
  • Single shared bathroom
    (£375.00 Per Person)
  • Shared room
    (£245.00 Per Person)
  • Shared room - camped
    (£195.00 Per Person)


Full payment is required at the time of bookiing. All retreat sessions, three delicious vegetarian meals a day and 7 night's luxury accommodation:

£195-245 (bed in a shared room), £400 (single en suite room), £500+ (double or twin en suite per room)

Scheduled Dates

  • Sat 4th January
  • Sun 5th January
  • Mon 6th January
  • Tue 7th January
  • Wed 8th January
  • Thu 9th January
  • Fri 10th January
  • Sat 11th January
This retreat is led by:

Gen Kelsang Sherab

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Gen Sherab has been our dedicated and inspiring Resident Teacher since 2004

[More about Gen Sherab]